Feedback of my Californian Experience

Before coming to San Francisco, my travel expectations were very numerous and varied.

First, I wanted to come here to improve my English skills, especially my pronunciation, my listening comprehension and my vocabulary.

Secondly, I expected to fully embrace the Silicon Valley’s mindset and to understand how every softwares, products and applications designed here manage to have an international success.

On a third point, I wanted to learn more about I.T. and to use new technologies like 3D printing.

Finally, I expected to learned all about the American culture which was always very present in my life, with sport, music and movies, and to understand the American lifestyle.


Here, I practised a lot my English thanks to all the subjects I had, especially with Advanced English and Digital Marketing because we had to create a blog in English, so I wrote a lot and learned a lot of vocabulary. We also had to do some consumers’ interviews in Lean Start Up, which helped me to speak a more confident and spontaneous English.

Thanks to a friend who permitted me to help him with some missions for his his start up (My Blue Ship), I managed to acquire more and more professional English.


Then, many subjects gave us the keys to create our own start-up or business, especially in a marketing aspect, and taught us how to build a start up launching page and website.

We were lucky to attend to many discussions with entrepreneurs, one in the wine industry from the Nappa Valley and two executive employees of Renault and Yelp who talked about how they built their businesses, innovated their projects and how they feel about the Sillicon Valleys’ mindset.

I had also the chance to participate to many meet ups, like an AirBnb meet up, because my friend’s start-up makes business with it, and some financial conferences.

Also, we learned about 3D modeling with many softwares, someone taught us how a 3D printer works and we had the privilege to use Tech Shop’s local to print our creation.


I created with my Lean Start Up team a marketing product to thank our customers who use our service, and a little pocket ashtray for personal project.

Finally, I could really enjoy the American sport’s culture because the San Francisco basketball team won the NBA Play Off against Oklahoma and now plays the final against Cleveland, so it is very exiting.

I also went to the Oakland baseball area to see a game against Portland, during which Oakland lost 2/1, but I found that sport a little bit boring to watch.


Concerning the American culture, I saw that Californian people are very open minded with all the other cultures thanks to the hippie’s wave in the 60’s. For exemple, the gay community is way more integrated in the society than in France. According to me, they can also help you and invest in you easily if they believe in your ideas.

Concerning the music and the cinema, I went in a hip-hop night club with all my friends where we heard a lot of good singers, and I went to the Universal Studios Park where I was able to see all their studios and some movies sets (like Jaws).


Moreover, I fell in love with San Francisco, I found the downtown really vintage and classy but the Golden Bridge with the beaches around is the thing which surprised me the most.

But the best memory I have from my trip is the Universal Studios Park in Los Angeles because there were a lot of attractions inspired of movies which brought me back to my childhood, with the reproductions of Springfield city and Hogward castle.

In conclusion, for my future, I really want to use all the things that I learned here in marketing and informatics to build my personal music project and to keep using English to always improve it to work abroad.


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  1. It seems that you will meet your expectations and objectives. Even more. Well done ! Very good choice to go to SF if you are interested in IT and innovation. It is where everything is possible and a lot of new services and startups are launched. Good continuation.


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