Top 5 Apps to use in SF

1) UBER:

Uber is very practical because it proposes several solutions adapted to your budget:

Uber Pool (the car is shared with other customers), Uber X (normal car) and Uber XL (car which can be used by 5 to 7 people).

Also, Uber is very reliable with its estimations of the price and the time.

A thing to note is that Uber knows the load of your battery’s phone and if it is low, the price of your race will be increased.

Uber also proposes a delivery service of hot dogs or burgers with UberEATS.


2) LYFT:

Lyft proposes the same service as Uber also with a choice of different kind of cars.

But it is more interesting in the way that Lyft distributes promotion codes in the street to have free races.

However, without any reduction, the service remains more expensive than Uber.

We can easily recognize the Lyft cars by a small pink moustache on the dashboard.



It is very difficult to obtain the schedules of the bus, subway or Bart in San Francisco.

Google Maps is the only way that allows you to calculate your road with Bart or MUNI’s bus and metro.


4) YELP:

It allows you to have honest consumers’ notices about restaurants or hotels you wish to learn about before making a choice. Believe me, you need this application because restoration here is not the same than in France AT ALL.



It allows you to assist conferences, debates, concerts or others animation. No matter what interests you, this application allows you to learn about finance, innovations, art and music.



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