Sport’s culture in San Francisco

The two most watched sports in the city are the baseball with the Giants and the basketball with the Golden States Warriors.

The American football is also very popular with the SuperBowl edition which takes place in San Francisco.

Golden States Warriors:

– Foudation: 1962

– Stadium: Oracle Arena

– Manager: Bob Myers

– Coach: Steve Kerr

– Prize list: Won the NBA league four times (in 1947, 1956, 1975 and 2015)

– Top scorer: Wilt Chamberlain

– Top passer: Guy Rodgers

– Top 3pts scorer: Stepen Curry (MVP 2015)

– Number of victories in a row: 24 (2015-2016)

The Warriors have qualified this year again for plays off and have a great chance to win the NBA league. Stephen Curry is in a good position to be the MVP 2016.


They evolve in the Western Division of the National League.

The Giants are the champions of the National League and the Major League Baseball, after winning the World Series in 2014, a title that was added to those won in 2010 and 2012.

– Owner: Sue Burns, Peter Magowan, William Neukorn.

– Manager: Bruce Bochy

– Stadium: AT&T Park

– Best players ever:

– Top players of the Major League (since 1911):

The Giants maintain rivalry with three teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics.

Oakland is a local rival and the rivalry between the two franchises remains friendly. The nickname of the meetings between the Giants and the Athletics is “The Battle of the Bay or Bay Bridge Series”.



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