A Night In San Francisco

Being 21, I knew I could fully enjoy the benefits of the California nights. Most clubs are in SoMa and there are choices for everyone: rap, hip-hop, electronic and techno.

Soma District

But the first thing that surprised me is that most clubs close at 2:00, whereas it is at 6:00 in Europe.

Being passionate about electronic music, I soon realized that the culture here was different and more focus in rap & hip hop

But the Americans are very culturally open so I could go to very good parties with talented artists (Amin Edge and Dance, Stephan Bodzin, Four Tet & Mind Against), in Audio SF and Public Works.


But the club that most struck me was « secret », indeed the concept was very underground: evening in a warehouse kept secret from midnight to six in the morning, with a more European kind of electronic music. I have also met a lot of French, German and Italian peoples.




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